The Big Lies of Internet Marketing

If you have been trying to make money on the Internet,The Big Lies of Internet Marketing Articles then you have seen the Internet marketing lies. You may even know they are lies, but you still keep falling for them time after time. It is time for someone to lay out the truth so you can see past the lies and stop bleeding money from your wallet. Here are the typical Internet marketing lies.The One Time OfferSometimes this one is true, but most of the time all you need to do is bookmark the page and come back days, weeks or months later and you can still get the supposed one time offer. It’s a sales gimmick designed to get you to act right away before you have time to reconsider the purchase.The Price is Only Good for the first 100 PurchasesThis one is also sometimes true, but most of the time if they can sell to hundreds or thousands at the original price they will. I don’t know how many times I have seen a supposed counter of how many are sold or how many are left that is noting but a static graphic. It’s just another gimmick to get you to part with your money before you put too much thought into the purchase.Anyone can Make Money with this ProductThis Internet marketing lie is crafted to make you believe that you can’t lose if you buy the product milionare. Don’t worry about the money you are spending because you can easily make it back and much more. The unfortunate truth is that most of these products sound much easier to apply than they are. The Internet marketer is skilled at building hype and not revealing what the product is all about or how much work it is going to take to make any money with it.I’m a Millionaire — just do what I did and you can be a Millionaire tooIf I had a hundred dollars for every form of this one I have seen I’d be a millionaire too. The fact is — everyone who has become successful at Internet marketing has done it by forging their own trails and working long hard hours finding out what works for them. The expensive e-books, the costly membership sites and the high dollar courses will not allow you to duplicate their successes. If you want to succeed in making money on the Internet you need to work at it and find the things that play on your strengths.Great Benefits for FreeEveryone knows that offering something for free is the surest way to get more attention to a product or service. Unfortunately, most Internet marketers will give you very little of value for free. They are focused on getting the most money they can from your wallet. Once they get you to put your energy and your time into trying to use the free product or service they have you hooked. You then become a prime target for their up-sell pitch where the product or service becomes a lot less free.If you really want to make money on the Internet instead of losing it, you need to see past the Internet marketing lies and find your own way. There is plenty of good information out there and most of it is totally free. Look for honest advice from people who wish to share their knowledge instead of empty your wallet.